Thursday, July 12, 2012

Emerging from the shadow

I know its been awhile I haven't post pictures of my personal style. I came across this dress back in summer 2011 at Sunway Pyramid in Malaysia. I was hardly appeal to the girly demure appeal but I find this dress exceptional. Not to mention that it was displayed under the white light placing right in the middle of the store.The SPOTLIGHT was literally on The Dress. The classy and romantic appeal created from the lace fabric and embellished pearl and crystals on the collar intrigued me. The cutting and size runs pretty small and it looks like its perfectly shape for a tomboy figure. I think I have a weird body proportion, as I am not exactly pear shape nor cylinder as I do not have wide hips but my thicker upper thighs and perky butt(based on personal observation and most comment I receive) gives the illusion of wide hips(pear like). Also, you probably know by now that I have cut my hair short like I said in my previous post.Finally I have chop it all off after 9 years. Change is good, change is great! 

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