Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Korean Model #1: Irene Kim

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I have been meaning to put up this post about Korean models and because there is a long list of models, I decided to dissect them into different parts. My sister started this whole admiration for Korean models. I can see why. Like Irene Kim herself, she isn't your average model that you see on any social network or in magazine. I think a lot of people feel a huge gap between model(goddess) and ordinary people(humans). Well in this case, Irene is different. She is the girl next door, approachable, edgy and fun. Her style has garnered a lot of attention outside fashion week events. The most recent ones are NYFW which also appeared in a segment on Not to mention, she earned the title of "Korean Model of the Year" last year. Besides her looks, her confidence and sweet personality are what makes her different from the rest. 

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