Saturday, May 31, 2014

Australian Blogger Margaret Zhang

Sources: Margaret Zhang
Reading her blog, she reminded me of the days where I started blogging and procrastinating during my days in uni. As a commerce and law student at University of Sydney, she has definitely proved that her accomplishment is way beyond your average student. So while the rest of you are doing your assignment and exam, whining about workload and deadline, she will be multitasking working on photo shoots anywhere in the world or attending fashion week. And, attend to all her assignments and exam. Working while studying is already difficult for most people as it takes a lot of discipline to juggle all these workload and deadline. But this girl makes it all possible. Not to mention that her photography equates perfection and crisp clean. Most of her style and blog post are very true and honest as she does not compromise her style, conforming to trends and cliches which given a fresh new take on the blogging industry. She is definitely the one to look out for.

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