Thursday, July 26, 2012

More, Please!

July spread from PLEASE magazine from NAGI SAKAI-- The Princess Issue

 Is it me or the face on the last pic belongs to CocoRocha, because her lower jaw does appears like her. Although I sorta doubt so, Coco never has blond hair.

 I am wondering who all these models are. Its a mystery hiding all these model's face with mix splashes of paint on each pictures. Besides, it does look like its done deliberately with a messy yet vibrant touch. Eg. the first picture has a shape of a bird.Does these inspirations came together while planning on the photo shoots or the artist accidentally spilled some paint on these pictures? and dab dab dab on each of their faces..

Anyone know what is the brand name for the head gear? Erickson Beamon, maybe?

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