Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cable Knit

Photos by Reez A.
Portmans knitwear, shorts from pixiemarkets, bracelet from lovisa, necklace from nastygal and vintage clutch.

When I saw this navy blue cable knit sweater amongst the other knit sweater at the $20 off rack, I got to have it which I ended up getting 2 which I would showcase in the next post. It have been raining quite frequently this days,so getting my ass outside to take ootd  photos are pain in the ass. So fall is here, I am preparing myself, searching for the RIGHT winter coat. I realised looking for the right piece feels as if I am in search for a soul mate because I cant seems to get myself to like what I see. It's tough call. As of now, I am just waiting for that moment- "It's the ONE"- *BEAMS*

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