Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dusty Pink Collar Shirt

I have an addiction for collar shirt. Eversince, I started working, white collarshirt has been my staple wear, like the late Steve Job to his black turtle neck. I even dream of having a whole rack filled with white collarshirt of different shapes, cuts and fabric. Untill, I saw one of Garance's post on white suspenders. I love the whole ensembles but what really caught my eye is this dusty pink soft collarshirt. It's like an upgrade to the usual white collarshirt that I like. 

Where the hell did she get that from? Excuse the tone, ahem. But soft and crisp collarshirt really gets me, like I said it's an addiction. I hope Uniqlo sees this and come out with one of these. I guess I can dream about it tonight.

Image: Garance Dore

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