Monday, December 15, 2014

Joe Chia Episode 1

Pictures taken by Esther X

Two days ago, Joe Chia hosted a party showcasing his latest collection. Haven't giving much attention to our local fashion scene, the only thing I knew was, Jane Chuck is fond of his designs.  

But when I saw the invitation available to public, I decided to give it a whirl. As my first fashion show, it's a refreshing experience being able to be there in person.

The choice of fabric, symmetrical cut, and neutral tones combined bring his inspiration comes to life. Revolving each chapter(collection) on basic and timeless concept, Joe Chia doesn't conform to trends. Instead he wrapped it together with adventurous cuts and drappings - think loose turtle neck and asymmetrical hemline - channelling his design with his signature black and white shades(with random shade of neutrals)- making every pieces uncommon and unique.

His designs are not only wearable, it's affordable price range are worth mentioning. For less than RM300, local fashionista can afford to wear a local designer brand- with an edge. For that, I am sold!

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