Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Girl Crush!!!!!

When I read vivi magazine for the very first time, I have a 'crush' on Jun Hasegawa since then. She was a mixed of Japanese with Hawaiian blood and was talent scouted in Hawaii. She is 164 cm(my height!!). The height was not an issue at all as she look tall in picture because of her bone structures and proportionate figure. Thanks to her refine features, she is very popular and in demand.

She does a lot of advertising and she is currently signed up as the face for ZA across Asia and Japan Fila. Besides that, she shows a lot of spunks, energy and enthusiasm during the runway for Tokyo girls collections. Some of her fans refer her as the Miranda Kerr,Alessandria Ambrossio and Adriana Lima of Japan which I have no doubts at all.

Although she is not a high fashion model, there are lots of reasons to love her...

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