Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fall 2010 ready to wear highlight- Y-3

( Yohji, himself)

(pic frm ny mag)

Yohji Yamamoto design this collection of Y3 and I was amazed. It is totally different and I love all the layerings and hw he put all the shades together under the same colour and although some of his designs are of different colours but he make it look so damn right as most of the people that i have seen before whether in picture or real life tend to wear clother with shades that are compatible or suit one another. Yohji prove em' wrong.

I like to see how a mixture of shades and colour blends and harmonized with one another. In fact, I love colours. In this collection, it shows power. Its very lay back, sporty, elegant and urban-like. I felt invincible just by looking at it. Its very high street and it look like whoever wearing it could kick some ass. Some collections that I have seen before have the same look to it, its always about sexy, elegant and sculpture. So once in awhile, collection like this its fun to look at. Hence, Yohji, I respect..He is cool and awesome!!

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