Saturday, March 24, 2012

Its the hair that matters

My cousin and I make new plans for new hairstyle since the first time we colour our hair. It has to be done right because we only do our hair once a year. Hence, there shall be no mistakes . If you have been thinking of chopping off your locks, the time is now.

I love how models like Arizona Muse, Anja Rubik and Agyness Deyn embrace their short do and turn it into an 'it' look overnight. If you could understand yourself well enough to know what is best, you could be the MUSE of your own.

Someday,sooner or later,I will colour my hair platinum blond and have it short. I really like tight curls with the messy do. I was so convinced when I saw Scarlett Johansson with her wispy haircut. I have been having long hair for 9 years now. I admit, its starting to bore me...

Style inspiration: Before and After

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