Sunday, May 6, 2012

Neon candy

         I do not do manicure often, so when I do, I choose the colours carefully. I am not very particular about seasonal colours because I tend to choose colours according to what I like and whats best for me; and what I feel like on that very day. Nowadays, I am intrigue on neon colours because. Its fun and vibrant, and very often I wear lots of neutral tones, so adding a dash of neon will make my look more interesting. I come to think that orange really suits me and unlikely pink, it does not make me looks like an idiot. Btw, this is a gellish manicure not the basic ones. Its more pricy than a basic manicure but its worth it because it strengthen your nails and keep your nail colour lasting longer. It does not chip, worth the splurge for someone who does alot of work with their hands.  

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