Sunday, May 27, 2012


Forever21 knitted top, moto jacket, zara silver jeans, Iko Iko skull bracelet

    I have been busy with work and procrastination lately, yes u read right, busy with procrastination. Two week ago, I've catch a cold due to the cold weather and much worse I have to catch up on assignment and test in between. So when I'm done, blogging was the last thing in mind. Not to mention that I hardly even hit the gym. 

I came across a wall post yesterday from It is a media, fashion and culture oriented company to inspire young woman across the world. They have recently launch a campaign call StreetHeart StreetHearts calling out to fashionistas around the world to participate in their initiative. Thus, I have submitted one of my pictures to try my luck. I decided on this at the last minute. I was posing in cold due to the wind chills and the weather was so gloomy. I just went up for it and am glad that the pictures turn up fine.

 To be quite honest, I am not sure if I will be selected as I am just taking up opportunity as it comes.

I hope you guys enjoy appreciate the aesthetic I portrayed as at the end.. it is not really about the clothes or how good looking the person is. Its the edge and attitude that matters. 

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