Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Dash of Cream and Touch of Lilac

* Top- thrift store, skirt and shoes- miru white, shades- belongs to Ael, Skull bracelet- The beads,necklace- sunday market.
*Lilac top- Gmarket, Shoes- Witchery, shorts- Asian avenue

Hello my fellow exist or non existence readers, well more like, whether or not people out there know if me and my blog exist- Denise from the Style Chameleon or Denise from Deeramengirl on Instagram. Ok, Im blabbering. Anyway, Its been awhile since I last updated my feature on daily outfits. Truth is, I dont dress up often, reason due to where I lived is pretty laid back and casual. If you are from Cc, you would probably be laughing by now because we took this outside of Riccarton Mall. I know ~ bad location. We will take photos at better place next time.

On my outfit of the day, I wore this tutu skirt together with this long top- to create a cool girly factor; pair it with black low platform sneaker and my basic leather jacket. I love that my multi coloured skull bracelet blend in well with my overall cream coloured outfit. I feel like M&Ms in Mcflurry. How cool would it be to have skull shape M&Ms? On the other hand, I cut my hair again- shorter and wispier. I got it cut at a Japanese hair saloon which suits my style better as opposed to previous hair which is more Korean inspired.

 Initially I invited my good friend Ael, to shoot my photos, instead I got her to be part of it- like a featured guest in my blog. Ael's style is more smart and chic. That girl pull off and looks great in any pastel tones like especially peach and turqoise. We had alot of fun that day and we shall do it again.

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