Saturday, August 25, 2012

Drift to Laguna Moon

 Have you ever seen a collection which you feel close to the heart of style? For me, when I came to know about Japanese brand( yes, it from Japan *squeel*) Laguna Moon Autumn Winter 2012 collection, its exactly how I felt. Thus, this collection is not only Autumn winter proof, instead it should be my wardrobe of the year. Personally, I am a fan of anything full on neutral tones with a hint of golds or a pop of bright colour. My ideal wardrobe will be filled with timeless and wearable pieces. My style is simple and effortlessly chic. I am especially fascinated by their embellished nude and long dress, is what I would call a soft glam. Also, I like a brand called NINE Japan, but I couldnt find their website which featured their collections. Do let me know if you could find any info about their label.

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