Saturday, December 15, 2012


                                              (Cheap Monday Domi dress, Street level Spike bag in Cobalt)

The awkward feeling I felt when others stare at the bag probably wondering that it could potentially impose harm or that bag looks kinda cool. I would admit it does look dangerous What I really admire about this bag is the position of the gun metal spikes being placed at the bottom and layering the top part with pony hairs in these vibrant shade of blue which is perfect for me knowing that I am not very into colourful pieces. I feel drowned and out of place wearing or looking colourful funky pieces. I wish i could wear my Domi dress everyday, an essential piece one should have, the one piece I will never get bored of. But I do admit that I feel the need to be very cautious as I was relying on nipple covers to camouflage my insignificant twins which boils down to impracticality. Keep it cool to hide the insecurity of incidental peek through. Another version of the Domi dress is the Kozue which gives me the idea that Cheap Monday should've gotten Kozue Akimoto, popular fashion model as their style icon. Not to mention the similar names, her style is fearless and filled with fun and dose of rock and roll. Should totally check her out!

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