Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Kate Bosworth for Topshop

Kate Bosworth sings to Winter Wonderland takes my breath away with her angelic voice. The sort of music playing on repeat while I would curl up in my bed like a foetus during the cold christmas nights. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Christmas in Nz isnt like other countries as its summer this time of the year. I may not be a Christian and does not actually celebrate Christmas but I like the whole idea where everyone get together, eat lots of good food and have a good time. Back to Kate, I really love the sparkly maroon dress she wore for the campaign. If I saw a dress with long sleeves and back cut outs, I am on board. Its just how I would like it since it complement my body by elongating length of my body and giving a more slender and better body structure. What I am really drawn to this campaign is that when she turn her heels, her maroon stilettos dazzled on the grand piano like giving a tease to the audience. I am sold, I'd say.

Sources from dailymail.co.uk


  1. I love Kate Bosworth and Topshop so this collaboration was so cute to me. She was so stunning in the video too!


    1. Indeed, she was. Not to mention, her style is impeccable!

  2. God, she's amazing
    Thanks for sharing D!

    1. yes, she sure is. especially her eyes... Odd and beautiful


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