Saturday, March 30, 2013

For KeepSake

Dress from KeepSake- I think She know dress
Photos by me.

I have been hunting for a dress that is appropriate with an ample amount of exposure. So I randomly got into Fashion Bunkers, intially looking for Style Stalker's Black Perforated Bell dress- which I ended up changing my mind when I saw this. Both dresses I would say both fitted into the budget scale but something tells me I should wait. Hence, I did. Later did I know, KeepSake was on sale. Worth the wait, worth every penny- Suffice to say, I saved more than half from what I was willing to paid for initially. I was stoked. I placed the order instantly. What really appeals to me is the dress gold streaking ubiquitously throughout the dress, along with the frock starting on the waistline allowing the princess side of me to emerge making me want to twirl even more.... I like that its not safe nor risque. 

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