Thursday, March 28, 2013

Room inspiration

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Since the first time I moved into my new room and actually living on my own, I really wanted to decorate this space. The overall of the house is not quite appealing to begin with, not that I do not appreciate what I have- the first time I went for viewing, I reckon I could create alittle bit of heaven for myself out of this shabby place. Not to mention that the room is quite spacious and renting is cheap in which most basics was provided. The best bargain I could get in Christchurch considering the fact that finding a place have imposed quite a challenge ever since the earthquake. Here are the bits of pieces of my inspiration. As you'd probably know, I am strangely intrigue by french inspired design especially in regards to fashion,decor, and Girls.. Anyways, hopefully I will be able to come out with some affordable decor such as setting up print out portraits of my favorite editorials, putting up fake butterflies circulating on my walls kinda thing. I have a general idea of what the room is going to be. Its more of turning these ideas into reality. 

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