Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Keepin' it Simple

Outfit: Dress- NastyGal, Sneakers- H&M, Knuckle ring- Erin Wasson, and Necklace- H&M.

      This dress is a no-brainer. I have bought this NastyGal dress awhile ago and I knew it would be a easy to wear. I like the kinda dress that I could just put it on, pile on some accessories and put on a pair of heels when I am feeling dressy or put on a pair of sneakers to look more sporty. So I did the latter. I am definitely guilty of being lazy. Whoever invented platform sneakers are life saviors.

           I can finally see what a little more will and determination can do. As I am feeling less awkward posing in public, I'll do more awkward poses. I can be quite shy although a lot of my friends strongly beg to differ. I wonder how other bloggers or models does it, posing while the rest were watching. Lucky for me, there were very few people that day. My trick is to just fake it and get busy. 

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