Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Go with the flow

Outfit details: All from Topshop, Bag from CollectPoints
Ph: Riz A. 

Alright, you might be thinking why I am wearing everything from the same brand. This is a rare occasion. Not that it matters. And, to some, it's perfectly normal. Somehow, these pieces get together perfectly well. Trust me, this isn't a disorder. As for my outfit, I got the top and skirt for 50% off. A bang for the bucks! God, I love a good bargain *glowing* and I love timeless pieces. I can wear it all year long irregardless of everchanging season. I have never been a fan of trends. Am I anti-trend? I dare not say it because I do like certain trends like the season for crop top, the harlem pants, or bright and bold korean fashion. I do enjoy trend ideas to a certain degree. But what displeases me is the need for everyone to conform, with spotting dip dye in any sort of bright colours, cap with loud printed words, or whatever on mainstream.

To put things into perspective, I have been living on self knowledge. It's the way of life. We all should know what qualities and weakness we have to know what to fix and enhance. Sounded simple? It wasn't. It is a life long discovery. Some never do, and some managed and they achieve greatness. And, I never stop searching... As for fashion, is simple, keep experimenting. There is still hope. Just try everything before deciding. Or get a friend who is more opinionated. Don't shop with those who agrees with everything. Also, follow your gut feeling and live dangerously... LOL.

Anyway, sorry for being long-winded. It wasn't intentional. I just went with the flow.

Have a happy Wednesday! No one like the weekdays. Signing off.


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