Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Turn it around

Have you ever felt like you have nothing to wear? I know I do- half the time. Truth is, it's never enough. There is always something better and nicer out there. Now, here I am writing as if I'm giving my two cents on frugal spending for #fashionista. Yes, I was teased by my lovely colleagues hastaging "fashionista". It was #fashionblogger and many more I was guilty of. 

As much as I want to be one of the Miroslova Duma or Chiara Ferragni, I could only be a fashionista at heart. And I guess, that's what makes bloggers stood out in the first place- we/they start of with a budget like real people, improvised each pieces they have afford and throw themselves out there even if they are due for their next assignment. 

If there is one thing I enjoy about improvising, by tying a knot on an oversized top can cinch the waist and create a form of silhouette. And, the sheer white fabric on the other side of the top create a flowy feel underneath my faux leather jacket. To cool it off, I put on my silver necklace which ties everything together.  

Outfit details: Top- a gift, Jeans from Topshop, Jacket from Nastygal and Necklace from H&M.

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